Brad Dutz Tentet

The Tentet is a personal culmination and breakthrough, expanding improvisatory functions within notated frameworks, opening new options for his creative colleagues while exploring the transition from composition as springboard for improvisation into composition and improvisation as inseparable continuum. The Pieces are composed for nine long-time colleagues stemming from the "Other Three" trio, "Brad Dutz Quartet" and "Dutz-Wabich Duo" with the addition of other talent. 

Ten not only represents the number of players, but also an integral part of the compositions themselves (time signatures, chord progressions, number of movements and more).

Jasper Dutz - Woodwinds

Charles Fernandez - Bassoon

John Fumo - Trumpet, Flugelhorn

Trey Henry  - Double Bass

Kim Richmond - Woodwinds

Paul Sherman - Oboe, English Horn

William Roper - Tuba, Euphonium

Chris Votek - Cello

Chris Wabich - Percussion

Brian Walsh - Bass Clarinet