Led by percussionist-composer Brad Dutz and inspired by the 1950s recording “The Three” by Shelly Manne, Shorty Rogers, and Jimmy Giuffre, Other Three is a trio of L.A.-area modern jazz virtuosi that honors and extends the work heard on the innovative and classic recording.  Somehow Dutz has been able to accurately recall the spirit and flavor of “The Three” while at the same time having it sound unmistakably identifiable as his own unique work.  Succeeding in snagging two of the area’s most versatile and accomplished horn players to join him clearly helps—trumpet-cornet-flugelhorn player John Fumo and saxophonist-clarinetist Kim Richmond are the perfect candidates to understand, reinvent, and expand on the original inventions of Rogers and Giuffre, while Dutz himself embraces Manne’s swinging musicality and takes it to new levels of distinctive color and eccentricity.  The music artfully exemplifies the seamless flow between composition and improvisation while being witty, sophisticated, quirky, beautiful, and swinging.  If it sounds like The Other Three are a unique, you’re totally correct—they are a largely uncelebrated treasure in our midst.  They rarely are able to get together to perform, so taking in this set of music is highly recommended