The Dutz-Wabich duo is known as the end all of sonic possibilities for two percussionists. They blend composition, improvisation, high art and comedy to create a "total percussion" rounded program. The duo also incorporates world rhythms learned from years of performance experience.

The pair has played together for over eighteen years and performed at several colleges and high schools nationwide. They are found together on over a dozen recordings as sidemen, and have made three recordings together as leaders. ORANGE! features the duo with guest Tiki Pasillas (mark anthony, jennifer lopez), creating an incredibly whacky and spastic album aesthetic.  "2 timing" is the duo's most recent CD release, and features Brad and Chris playing in a multitude of configuration such as; steel drum & vibes and congas & drum set. This album also includes seemingly impossible combinations of instruments such as five cowbells & five temple blocks, four snare drums, slate marimba, glass marimba, chainsaws and an entire piece of nothing but shakers. Also, their DVD " CHICKEN CROQUETS " captures multiple live performances of their 2011 spring tour of ten colleges. In 2012, the new Dutz composition "Freaked out rows" featured the duet with eight other percussionists. They continue to collaborate on multiple projects and perform throughout the United States.